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Bolsover Infant & Nursery School

School Uniform

Children are expected to wear school uniform each day, This is a requirement.


 This includes a white, blue or grey t’shirt or shirt, a blue/grey jumper or cardigan and blue, black or grey trousers, skirt, leggings, jogging bottoms. These can be purchased from any major store or supermarket. School branded uniform can be purchased from: Pinders: Bolsover Infant & Nursery | Pinders Schoolwear

We would recommend sensible shoes (without a heal preferably). At playtime and lunchtime children spend a large amount of time running around and safety is very important.


PE Uniform, Zoodies and PE T'shirts

The school requires children to wear a PE uniform on PE days. This consists of black or blue shorts/jogging bottoms or leggings. A school Zoodie or a black or blue zoodie (zip up hoodie). Hoodies are not appropriate due to safety reasons and coloured clothing is not permitted.


PE Zoodies can be purchased from the school office at a cost of £14. These are subsidised at times.

PE T'shirts

Each child will be placed into a school team when they start. We ask they wear their team colours on PE Day. These t'shirts can be purchased from the school office at a cost of £2.50.


Trainers are acceptable on PE day. although we ask for all children to have a pair of plimsols in school at all times for indoor PE.


Seasonal Changes

Uniform requirements may change in summer and winter. In summer black/blue/grey shorts are acceptable, as well as summer school dresses. Hats are a must. Shoes need to have backs in and children are requested to bring a water resistant coat everyday.

In winter coats, hats, scarves and gloves are a must, as well as wellingtons on wet or snowy days.


Naming items

Parents are requested to name every item of clothing with the child's name. for large families surnames are ok. 



For the safety of all our children:

  • Platform shoes / sandals must not be worn to school.
  • Cropped tops / strappy tops are also unsuitable. Shoulders and midriffs must be covered up for protection from the sun and for reasons of modesty.


REMEMBER – Too much sun is EXTREMELY dangerous so make sure that you put sunscreen on your children before they come to school and that they have a hat to wear at playtimes. Thank you.


  • JEWELLERY should not be worn to school. Children with pierced ears may wear only one pair of small studs after parents have filled in the relevant form. These studs must be removed for all physical activities.
  • Watches have to be removed for PE / Games and are the responsibility of the wearer.

Valuable toys and games should not be brought into school. School staff cannot take responsibility for their safety.


Lost Property

There is a lost property box on the corridor near the main entrance.  If your child has lost an article please ask him/her to look in this box.  It will help us considerably if all items of clothing are marked with your child’s name.