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Parents @ Bolsover Infant and Nursery School

Parents getting involved in school and the school getting it right!

As a school we value parents, careers and the wider family and what they can offer to a child’s education. We aim to build an open, honest and respectful relationship with Parents, careers and the wider Family, working together to support children emotionally and academically. With this in mind, we offer a lot of opportunities for Parents to become involved in school. Some of the more commonly known opportunities are:

  • Our home/school agreement, which was drawn up in consultation with school staff/parents/governors. This outlined what parents can expect from the school right from the start, it also helps give guidance to parents, and children, about what is expected of them.
  • We send regular newsletters to every family, each Friday, which are also posted online.
  • There are parents’ notice boards outside every classroom and on the exterior of school.
  • We hold parent / teacher evenings during the Autumn and Spring terms when parents can meet with class teachers to find out about their child’s learning, progress and achievements.
  • Yearly reports are sent home in the Summer term
  • Parents and Grandparents are actively encouraged to become involved in school life. Taking part in lessons, activities and trips, as well as homework clubs and events.
  • We run Dadding about and Mumming about sessions.
  • We have termly Safeguarding News Bite letters to support parents in keeping up to date.
  • We hold yearly online safety seminars

There are many reasons school would get involved with parents or that Parents would get involved with school. We believe these can be categorise into 6 categories. These include:

  1. Parenting - Helping with parenting and childrearing skills and setting home conditions to support a child’s abilities to access school.
  2. Communicating - Communicating about school, attainment, achievement and child’s progress
  3. Participation - Supporting school and school programmes. Improving involvement in school activities, inc audiences at school events, PFA etc
  4. Learning at home - Learning at home, homework and curricular based activity.
  5. Decision Making - Participating in decision making, school governance, questionnaires, information sharing about the school to benefit the school, children, other parents and stakeholders and the community.
  6. Collaborating with the community - Services for parents in the community, liaison with the school and outside agencies.

We also actively encourage parents to get involved with our Well Being and Mental Health work. 

If you would like to read more about how parents get involved with school please read our Parent Plan below:

parent plan.pdf

 Parents as Champions of their own children...

Recently we have been talking with parents about how to support and challenge their children and to help them in developing into life long learners. In September 2022 we held a parent workshop entitled: Are you your child's champion? Below is a copy of that workshop