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Pupil Premium Reports

 At Bolsover Infant and Nursery School, we are committed to ensuring all our children make the best possible progress. We track the achievement of every child on a regular basis and do all we can to make sure each child achieves their potential. We also have a duty to ensure that no groups of children are disadvantaged due to their gender, ethnic origin or family income or background.

The Pupil Premium funding (which is allocated to us from the government), has allowed us to continue and extend what we already do – to monitor children’s progress and to give additional support or challenge. Children are certainly not singled out or stigmatised for getting some extra attention and we would never label a child in front of other children. This funding is used to ensure all children that need support in order to accelerate progress, are able to access it within school. Our funding is used to focus on our priority areas in terms of learning and those children who need it the most. Below are our plans and evaluations on how this funding has been used over the years to achieve our fabulous outcomes.


2012/13 - Pupil Premium Reporting to Parents

2013/14 - Pupil Premium Reporting to Parents

2014/15 - Pupil Premium Reporting to Parents

2015/16 - Pupil Premium Reporting to Parents

2016/17 - Pupil Premium Reporting to Parents

2017/18 - Pupil Premium Report to Parents

2018/19 - Pupil Premium Report to Parents

 (plans and evaluation were combined after 2019, into the Strategy Statement)


Pupil premium strategy statement 2016/17

Pupil premium Strategy Statement 2017/18

Pupil premium Strategy Statement 2018/19

Pupil premium Strategy Statement 2019/20

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2020/22

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 22/23

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 23/24