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Bolsover Infant & Nursery School

Lunchtime Information

Our school lunches are provided by Derbyshire County Council catering department. The link below takes you to their website. This link also takes you to the dinner menu for our school.

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Derbyshire County Catering in Primary/Infant Schools

We're very proud of our award-winning Primary School Meals here in Derbyshire . On our website you can find out more information including what's on the menu, where our food comes from, why a school meal is the best option and even what it's like working for us.

The Food

Our policy of sourcing ingredients locally has many benefits. It means food traceability is more reliable from our suppliers. Food also travels less distance and can be fresher, tastier and more nutritious. Fewer food miles is good for the environment and is great news for the local economy and people of Derbyshire!

Sugar Watch

Over the last 2 years we have redeveloped our dessert recipes to reduce the sugar content by a third and often use fruit to sweeten rather than sugar.

We serve desserts with 50% fruit content at least twice a week. These changes mean that the desserts are often far healthier than they may appear.


In Derbyshire we have put a great deal of time, effort and money into creating healthy menus and promoting the healthy choices to pupils. We also want to provide parents with all the information they need about school dinners and that is why we have developed this website.

Most schools offer 2 choices of hot main meals or a jacket potato per day. The menu is on a 3 week cycle and changes every 6 months. We offer a standard portion of a main meal with vegetables, salad, bread, fresh fruit and drinking water freely available.

All medical diets are catered for, our Menu development Officer creates specialist menus to ensure each child has a meal that meets their requirements. To apply for a medical diet you must have a referral from a medical proffessional and complete a "medical diet form" which can be otained from your school.

All our menus meet the current Government nutritional standards.