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Bolsover Infant & Nursery School

Keeping Children Safe


At Bolsover Infant and Nursery we value children and aim to support them in

being healthy, happy, successful and safe.

Internal Procedures

In accordance with the Circular 10/95 the school has designated a child protection liaison teacher, to be known as Child Protection Co-ordinator. The Child Protection Co-ordinator is Miss Cowan, Headteacher, Bolsover Infants and Nursery School. All staff have been made aware of the CPC’s role, the responsibilities and undertake update training each year.

All adults in school have been DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) check. This is a requirement by the government. Any employee will complete this procedure as part of their employment. All other adults that work for Derbyshire County Council will also have been checked. Any parent wishing to help in school on a regular basis will also need to complete a DBS check.

Responsibilities of all staff

In the event of a member of staff (teaching and non-teaching) having a child protection concern about a pupil, he/she will immediately inform the Child Protection Co-ordinator and record accurately the event(s) giving rise to concern.

Please note that the school is an agency for child protection and is required, along with all other schools, to take any reasonable actions to ensure the safety of all pupils. Parents should be aware that the school will work closely with all other agencies to ensure the safety of our children. In cases where the school has reason to be concerned that a child is subject to ill-treatment or neglect or from any form of abuse, staff have no alternative but to follow Derbyshire County Councils Procedures and inform social services of their concerns. This is a legal and moral obligation.

Safety / Security in school

Clearly, the Governors and staff, have a moral as well as a legal responsibility to ensure as far as possible that we provide a safe and caring environment for your children to be in.

All regular staff wear a badge to identify themselves. All visitors are required to wear a badge and sign in and out of the visitors’ book. This policy is clearly explained to all the children. We ask all visitors / parents to close doors as they pass through them. All buildings are securely locked and no person can access classrooms without permission. At playtimes and lunchtimes all entrances are monitored and all visitors are escorted to the main office. Your child’s safety is paramount to us.




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