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Mumming About

After the great success of our Dadding about project, we had many requests for Mum’s to be offered the same opportunities, for both them and their children. So as a result of these requests, in the summer of 2016, we started a new 'Mumming About' group. We invited Mum’s, and people who are like a mum to our children in school including Grandmas, Carers, Aunts, sisters to attend. 

The philosophy around ‘Mumming About’:

  • ‘Mumming about’ is an opportunity for female role models to become involved with ‘Mumming about’ with their child/ren. The sessions offer an opportunity to get creatively involved, at school, home and elsewhere, with their children.
  • We offer female role models an opportunity to spend an hour or two of quality time with their children, without interruption, having fun.
  • This helps to build relationships, confidence and memories for all involved.
  • It also encourage inter-generational work across the community.

The project was a great success and the first coffee morning was very well attended. In the summer of 2016 a launch event was held and our Mum's found themselves working with their children to make a paper flower display. At this event the professionals involved spent time talking to both children and adults about what they would like to do and in the Autumn of 2016 the first 'Mumming About' timetable was launched. We found that many. many parents wanted to attend and the events were all over subscribed. The Mum's, Grandma's and female role models have reported having a fantastic time with their children and really value the events.

If you would like to know more about our 'Mumming About' events, please contact headteacher@bolsover-inf.derbyshire.sch.uk.


Launch Event


October 2016            International Food Celebration

December 2016          Creative Christmas Crafts

February 2017           Race and Pace – Relaxation and Zumba

March 2017                Clay Play (Tree Spirits)

May 2017                    Simply Sassy Sewing

June 2017                   Outdoor and Adventure – Pleasley Vale