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Bolsover Infant & Nursery School

Learning Heroes

What are Learning Heroes?

Learning Heroes are Bolsover Infant and Nursery School’s way of supporting our very young children to understand what learning qualities are, and a way of helping them demonstrate these qualities in their own behaviours.

They are role models who encompass the desirable qualities needed to be ‘Good Learners’. They give children an age appropriate vocabulary to talk about how to work well together, how to stick at their work and achieve in their learning.

Who are the Learning heroes?

We have lots of Learning heroes including:

The Behaviour Buddies:

Mr.G.Raffety, Manny and Marty the Troublesome Twins, Zeb and Hooty, as well as our Learning Leaders:

Target Tom and Mr Bewilder, Stickman, Winnie Wilford, Starla Start-Bee and our collaboration friends, as well as our Curriculum Companions:

Professor Who-Believes, Exploreasaurus, Detective Dom, Mr Make it and Reggie Look it-up.

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