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Bolsover Infant & Nursery School


Nursery and Reception 

 Reception Baseline

In 2021 the DFE introduced a statutory Baseline for Reception children. This baseline needs to be administered by the end of October, to all children in Reception. Below is the DFE leaflet explaining this, from the DFE. 

2022 information for parents reception baseline assessment.pdf



Our EYFS unit will continue to operate as one in September 2024/25. Staff in both Nursery and Reception will work together to offer a positive enabling environment where both the adults, resources and space are key to supporting children’s learning. Staff will ensure they are acutely aware of every child’s developmental needs (through the use of key worker groups) and will use child led learning and in the moment planning to move children’s learning forward.


Child led learning is when a child chooses the activity rather than the adult. The child has control of the activity but the nursery practitioner can adapt their language to gain learning and further the child’s development.


“In the moment” planning is a very simple idea – observing and interacting with children as they pursue their own interests and also assessing and moving the learning on in that moment. The written account of some of these interactions becomes a learning journey. This approach leads to deep level learning and wonderful surprises occur daily.


Staff will plan termly, weekly, daily and in the moment by developing possible lines of enquiry (PLOD’s). These PLOD’s will have been identified via a range of sources including:


  • Children’s own interest
  • Developmental gaps
  • Group planning -
  • Provocations
  • Focuses topics
  • Children’s developing confidences
  • Children’s needs


Staff will use overarching topics to engage children and to offer ‘Provocations’ for children and their learning.


‘A provocation is simply an activity or stimulus set up to provoke thought, curiosity, exploration and conversation. Provocations come in many forms depending on the stimulus and required outcome, but they are all created with these purposes in mind. These invitations to play are usually set up to help children expand upon an expressed interest, thought or idea, although may occasionally stem from the necessity to practice skills or consolidate learning.’


The nursery and Reception environments will be designed to allow children to explore, investigate, plan and execute their own interests, thoughts, curiosities etc. Resources will be available and on hand and adults will see themselves as an extension to the environment and resource. Adults will plan weekly or daily plans to respond to children’s individual interests. Staff will join learning and expand and develop it.



Area of Learning




Through this topic children will have opportunity to develop their understanding of:

Autumn 1


We’re going on an adventure


Humankind investigation



The world around them, including their home, school, environment etc. They will travel, through story, to a range of familiar places, as well as their own local environment. Including Autumn

Autumn 2

People Celebrations/significant events

Magical Memories





Celebrations and people. They will learn about people and people’s behaviours that effect how we live. They will learn about how significant people have change how we live including religions, customs and cultures. They will also make comparisons. Alongside this they will explore man made materials. Including winter and Christmas, shadows, light and dark

Spring 1

Past and Present

Dungeons and dragons






The past. They will look at people and place and how they have changed over time. They will identify significant changes over time and make comparisons.


Including spring

Spring 2

Living things/Plants and Animals

Just add water






The natural world, including plants and animals. Looking at growing, change and making comparisons. The children will learn how to investigate and understand change, including people, animals, insects etc

Summer 1 


Bibbity Bobbity Boo






Story telling and fantasy worlds. Children will have a lot of opportunity to be creative in their thoughts, worlds and processes. They will look at a range of environments and characters, make comparisons. They will also look at a range of processes, water/ice, hot/cold, weather. forces


Including weather and summer

Summer 2

Natural World/Environments  /Processes

It’s a wonderful world.






The world around them, inc People, sound and hearing and  Forces. Children will look at a range of places and make comparisons. They will also look at places beyond their locality, including people, places and life.

Knowledge Organisers:

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 These are the topic plans for each term. The teacher's have highlighted what they would hope the children learn in each topic._