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Bolsover Infant & Nursery School

COVID Updates


letter to parents carers 20210105.pdf


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letter from dph to parents carers 20201216.pdf


As we return to school we understand the many worries parents now face in this new normal world. While we don’t have an issue with positive tests at present, we thought it prudent to remind parents of the procedure, if or when, a child or family tested positive for COVID. Firstly, we ask that you inform the school straight away if it is your child, rather than other community or family members. This will allow us to inform other parents of children in your child’s class or year group. We only inform parents if and when a confirmed case is present, we will not inform other families until this point (as per the government guidelines). Parents will then be asked to return to school to collect their child/ren. We then will be controlled by public health who will decided if and when the children may return. We have no control over this decision. While children are at home, but not ill we will provide learning resources for them as per the government directive.


Blended Learning

This learning would be referred to as ‘Blended learning’– where the teacher of the class at home, supports the learning of their class and may deliver live classes etc as all of her class are at home.  If your child/ren are the only ones home because someone in your family or they have tested positive, are waiting for a test or another reason, the government still wishes these children to be learning. We will publish information about what this will look like next week.



Since returning to school last week, we have seen a huge rise in the amount of

children with minor illnesses and the amount of questions that parents are

asking about COVID illness, attendance and testing. I hope that this infographic

may help:



We are aware that many families are struggling with booking COVID tests this

week. We have passed this information on to public health. At the start of term

we were given some tests to hold in school and information on how to re-order.

The tests we had have now gone and the website for ordering has not yet

opened. We will keep trying to order more.


Pick up and drop off

Thank you to everyone who has found a new place to park over the last 8 days

at drop off and pick up times. We really appreciate your help in keeping the

site safe. If you are still parking on Welbeck road (and do not live there) we

would ask that you refrain from doing this to keep the site safe.

Things have improved greatly at drop off and pick up times and things are

running much smoother. We would ask and remind parents to stick to their

times and not to be tempted to arrive early at either end of the day. Arriving

early puts everyone at risk. We would also remind parents to stay away

from the front paths around the site until it is your time slot. Obviously, this does not refer to parents who have more than one child and need to drop off to get to the juniors.

Morrison’s and CO-OP have both agreed for parents to use their car parks at this time and both companies were very eager to support the school in keeping children safe. We thank them for their offer of car park spaces at this difficult time.


Lorries and cars…

We are very aware of the dangers presented to us as a community, each day, on Welbeck road and have been working hard with school crossings to rectify some of the issues. However, what seems to be a bigger issue is the number of cars and Lorries that arrive at speed on the corner of the building. I have personally reported this issue, via Derbyshire County Councils website and I would implore you to do the same. I have also contacted the Local MP and Councillor, and have reported it verbally to the highway department. I have also contacted Brocklebank Lorries and requested them to talk to their drivers about alternative routes and speeds.

If you have been passing outside school before or after drop off we would also ask that you go an alternative route to ensure this road can be managed safely. Highways are undergoing an assessment on the road at present.