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Bolsover Infant & Nursery School

COVID Information

The 6R’s of Response

Over the period of partial closure, partial opening and full opening of our school (planned for September 2020) we have slowly developed a structure in which to deal with the ongoing crisis / pandemic. We called this our COVID Toolkit 0 Raising Hope with the 6 R's.

The toolkit is split into six stages to enable us to be clear about what we are doing.

  1. Re-act to the situation – Communication plan, Identifying the guiding principle for your school, organisational issues (routines, staffing, finance etc), Safety and safeguarding, learning, home learning and blended learning, pastoral support, staying connected and Well Being plans. This is also a time for looking at community links and other issues family have – housing, finances, shopping etc
  2. Reset for safety – including looking at routine and structure (During partial re-opening) Staff rotas, opening times and closing times, playtimes, lunchtimes, breaks for staff, PPA etc
  3. Recover for Well Being - including Friendship and social interactions (the bridge between partial re-opening and full re-opening). Covering all stakeholders. Looking at personal development, as well as social, emotional, health and spiritual and moral development for all.
  4. Rebuild for learning – including opportunity and freedom (in preparation for re-opening and beyond). Considering the issues of re-opening, catch up, curriculum etc
  5. Reflect and review for the future – Reflection will happen throughout all stages, but this stages acts as a timely buffer to ensure some of those lessons learnt are recorded and the schools guiding principles are revisited. At the end of each stage, or after moving to the next the SMT need to review where they have been, where they are and where they are going to ensure this sits along the guiding principles. inc revisiting the long term cultures of the school, its vision and aims
  6. Revisit – This may happen at anytime and at any stage. Each time a stage is revisited it is important schools reflect on the lessons learnt from last time.


We wanted to be prepared and ready for any changes that may occur. The idea of the toolkit was to reduce stress and tension and to act as a guide to help senior leads understand the process and find their way through it. It serves as a reminder of where we have been, what we have to achieved, what may lay ahead and what lessons we have learned that will serve us well in the future.


Bolsover Infant and Nursery School

Throughout our journey we have tried to help everyone stay positive. We have tried our best to create connections and positive points in time for both children and families. We have called this ‘RASING HOPE’. Under the banner of raising hope we value communication, connection and compassion for others.


 Derbyshire County Council

Derbyshire County Council are working hard to ensure Derbyshire residents are kept well informed. There website is full of information that may help parents. Please click on the picture below to go to their website: