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Bolsover Infant & Nursery School

Behaviour Buddies

The Behaviour Buddies:

Behaviour Buddies help children to understand about rules and expectations around behaviour. They give us an opportunity to talk with young children about behaviour in a fun and engaging way. They help children understand what is expected from them at school.

Mr G Raffety and his friends live in the Jungle. Mr Raffety keeps everyone in line and makes sure the buddies are all safe and well. Manny and Marty the troublesome twins don’t always do as they are told and often find themselves in trouble. Zeb is very quiet, but always behaves well, he often sees more than the others. Hooty is the one that keeps a record of what they get up too.

The Behaviour Buddies

  • Like to see children with eyes looking and see children sitting appropriately for listening
  • Like to try hard to take part and be busy
  • Like to work by themselves as well as together
  • Like to use indoor and outdoor voices appropriately
  • Like to follow routines
  • To follow instructions
  • Like to talk and listen
  • Dislike falling out so always take turns
  • Dislike being stuck, so will try 3 things to help themselves
  • Dislike people who are rude
  • Dislike people who hurt others